Information to the Booking terms and conditions.

Dear Guests, please be informed:

On Cancellation by booking from 1-4 weeks we take a fee:

- until 30 days before arrival date about 50 Euro administration fee,
- until 14 days before arrival date 50% of the rent price,
- until arrival date about 90% of the rent price,
- on the arrival day about 100% of the rent price.

Cancellation terms by long term booking by month will be separate noticed. If there is no separate notice they have to be complete 100 % fullfilled.


With your booking you accept the aforesaid terms and conditions.


To guarantee that all El Gouna homeowners and visitors enjoy their stay and utilize their properties safely and responsibly, kindly abide by and comply with the following rules and regulations:





Damage/abuse of common areas or depriving others from using them is always prohibited. This includes but not limited to:

  • Depositing litter on land or waters in public place or an open private place.
  • For health and safety reasons, proper swim wear must be worn in our swimming-pools. No loose, cotton clothing or long swimsuit and no pets are allowed.
  • Leaving laundry to dry outdoors is prohibited; none should be visible from main roads and lagoons.
  • Use of fireworks or other explosives within common areas.
  • Carving, chopping, cutting and/or damaging of any trees.
  • Placing household waste in non-designated bins.
  • Music is to be kept indoors only; when played outdoors, volume is to be maintained in a tolerable level.


  • All motor vehicles to park in designated parking area and not to be left on pavements, public passages/roads.
  • Driving of cars, buggies or other motor vehicles under the age of 18 is prohibited.
  • Speed limit is 60km/h on paved roads - 40km/h on dirt/sandy roads.
  • Keep the music to a minimum; loud disturbing music is prohibited in public roads and common/shared space.
  • Off-roading is prohibited.
  • Passengers on motorcycles should always be wearing their helmet at all time.
  • Seat belts must always be worn.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used while driving.
  • All bicycles shall use cycling lanes and follow traffic rules and signs.
  • Do not block any of the below: special needs ramps, bike lanes, parking spaces.
  • Reckless driving, parking and under age driving penalties will apply.


  • Owners are required to notify Customer Service with the upcoming parties 48 hours in advance.
  • Loud music is only allowed till midnight on weekdays, and no later than 02:00 AM on weekends; any neighbors complaining will lead to an immediate intervention.



  • Visit Website and log in using your unique Username and Password.
  • As for owners, in case of renting your property please send an e-mail directly to customer service filling out the template with all required data and copies of your Tenants’ ID(s).
  • In order to update new units under your account online, all brokers and property management offices must send a separate e-mail for each unit under their authorization to the customer service and CC the homeowner.
  • As per El Gouna Rules and Regulations, tenants now can access El Gouna through both El Bostan and main gate to reduce the traffic on the main gates and to facilitate their entry process.


  • Car plate’s number, driver and workers’ names to be provided for any delivery or works.
  • Vehicles and boats ownership documents must be sent to Customer services e-mail.


  • All dogs of different sizes and breeds must always be kept on leash in public areas.
  • Dogs litter must be removed by dog’s owner for general hygiene and cleanliness.


  • Do not feed stray dogs/cats as we have daily designated feeding stations that are dedicated for that purpose.

Please note: Failure to meet any of the above rules and regulations will result in El Gouna management taking the necessary measures and penalties to protect the community’s rights.